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Co-Founder and Former President 
Edward Heath

Transferred to the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) from Cerritos College in 2006 after participating in the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) for which he later become an ambassador for the program. During his undergraduate studies at Cerritos College, he was involved in programs and organizations such as Project HOPE, Chicanos/Latinos for Community (CCM), Alliance for Minority Participation at CSULB, Gateways at Cerritos College, Healing Hearts Across Borders (HHAB) and the formation of the first Pre-Dental club at Cerritos Future Dentists of California (FDC). While at UCSC, his collaboration with fellow students, dental professionals and faculty and the realization of a need for a network of support for aspiring dentists lead to the formation of the Pre-Dental Society along with fellow cofounders. He also was honored with the Bronze Falcon Award at Cerritos College for his involvement in community service through the FDC student organization. Upon graduating from UCSC with a Baccalaureate of Science in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology, Edward was accepted into the Profile for Success (PFS) Program at the University of Michigan, a six-week residential program with purpose of preparing for success in dental or medical school. Edward is hoping to go into Orthodontics and becoming an advocate for dental health as well as one day opening a free dental clinic in México.

Co-Founder and Former President
Mohammad Diab
I am a UCSC graduate, class of 2009 with a B.S. in biolgy. I am a Summer Medical Dental Education Program alumni 2007, and SMDEP ambassador 2007. My interest in healthcare was sparked as a child and exponentially grew as I continued my education at UCSC. I have been involved in behavioral genetics, behavioral ecology, and oral bacteria research. Research experiences have given me a diverse perspective on healthcare of the oral cavity and the body as a whole. With a growing interest in health care and the functions of the body, I became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After shadowing various dentists I came to realize that the overall health of the body begins at the oral cavity. This sparked my interest in dentistry. I began to perceive dentistry as a preventative measure against disease and many harmful complications that begin in the oral cavity and spread throughout the body. As a dentist I will be an educator to my patients in preventative measures to avoid harmful processes that begin at the oral cavity and spread throughout the body. I plan to apply to dental school this spring. I would like to attend a dental school that has a focus in community service and working with underserved populations. I have interests in specializing in oral surgery and orthodontics. After completion of dental school I would like to work with or create an organization that travels locally, nationally, and globally to serve the underserved populations that are in dying need for oral health care.

Former President 
Megan Willis

I initially became interested in health when I was teaching as a tobacco peer educator during high school. I enjoyed the one-on-one communication that teaching and educating about health allowed. Towards the end of my high school experience I became a dental assistant and obtained my dental radiographers license. Upon entering college I decided to pursue a career in dentistry and began shadowing many local dentists. I was an intern at Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust in Watsonville where I worked on different programs aimed at giving "pro-bono" dental care to at need individuals. My participation in the Pre-Dental Society has yielded a $600 grant that we utilized to purchase quality dental health care supplies to hand out for free on campus. I also spent last year organizing events such as campus tours and events aimed at developing a stronger group bonds and communication. This year, I applied to dental school and am in the process of interviewing. I look forward to helping everybody with the process of applying as well as create more great community service events.

Former President 
Ramon San Jose

I am a MCD biology major and an inspired pre-dental student. Healthcare has always been an interest of mine ever since I was in high school, but as I continued my education and experienced the world of dentistry, I learned how important teeth are towards the overall health of an individual and how many people aren't getting the proper oral care they deserve. I want to be a dentist to help the people who need it most. I'm an avid golfer, so yes, I will be one of the many dentists who will be at the golf course everyday after a full day of work. I am currently shadowing a local general dentist and oral surgeon. I will be volunteering at the homeless shelther and plan to be apart of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program here in the Santa Cruz Community. I am an MSI leader at UCSC for genetics (BIO105) and a private tutor for biology (20B) and Genetics. Over the summer of 2009, I spent a month in the Philippines where I worked in a dental office and cleaned teeth. My long term goals include: getting into dental school (and graduate), open up my own practice somewhere in the bay area.

Former President 

Anthoula Vlachos -

I am a forth year Biology B.S. major and aspire to join the dynamic and multifaceted field of dentistry. My dedication to pursue my education and my contributions to my community has prepared me for a more involved life. I come from a small town, so community involvement has always been essential. I have held many leadership positions ranging from community participation to campus employment. I am part of Big Brothers Big Sister of Santa Cruz County, a Programs Assistant at College Eight and last year a Food Service Advisor for the College Eight/Oakes Dining Hall. Over the past summers I have shadowed local dentists, an orthodontist and an endodontist. I enjoy being active, so often you might catch me at many OPERS sponsored events. I am an enthusiastic and smiley person and meeting new people is my specialty.

Former President
 Jessi Giles -
Jessi Giles is the PDS president and a senior majoring in MCD Biology. She was born and raised in Chico, California. She applied to dental school this past June and is currently in the interview process. Please feel free to ask her any and all questions about how to apply to dental school! She aspires to be a general dentist working in an underserved community in California. She attended a Summer Medical and Dental Education Program in 2009 at UCLA (, so ask her about that too. Her interests include art history, psychology, live music, painting, spirituality, reading, baking and good conversation!

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 Kevin Reuter -
I am a fouth-year Human Biology B.S. major and aspiring dentist from San Jose, California. I became interested in dentistry after shadowing, and subsequently working, for my high school baseball coach who works at his own practice in Santa Clara, California. Since joining the Pre-Dental Society my freshman year, I have learned a tremendous amount about the profession, as well as learning what it takes to get into dental school. My goal for this club is to keep it a valuable resource for my fellow aspiring dentists here at UCSC and to ensure it continues to be one of the top pre-health organizations on campus. I hope to get to know all of you much better over the next year!

Rozelle Laquindanum -
My name is Rozelle Laquindanum. I am a 4th year, MCD Biology major, affiliated with Oooooakes College, originally from the Bay Area, and an aspiring dentist! I want to be a dentist because when I was younger I always loved visiting my dentist and never understood why my peers hated it. I look forward to becoming a dentist so that I can encourage others in my community to be enthusiastic about their oral health, just like I was. In the future, I would also like to provide oral health care to the less fortunate in my immediate community as well as in communities around the world. Outside of PDS (when I'm not studying), I am an active core member of the Asian & Pacific Islander Student Alliance, coordinator of People of the Islands, love going to the beach, playing with my dog, and eating ice cream.

Jennifer Nguyen -

My name is Jennifer Nguyen, but everyone calls me Jenn. I’m currently a 3rd year MCD Biology major. I am originally from San Jose, but my home ever since has been College 9. Dentistry is the only occupation that I can imagine myself pursuing.  Not only am I interested in teeth and oral health, but being able to have a stable and fulfilling life is what led me to seriously become a dentist. As a child growing up, my dentist didn't pay attention to the conditions of my teeth well. This encouraged me to want to be an attentive dentist that looks out for their patients' best interest. In my journey to become a dentist, I have been constantly reading up about dental schools and know a lot about their prerequisites on applying. I've also shadowed multiple dentists and plan on continuing this year. I own the Official Guide to Dental School, so if you ever need any stats on dental schools, I am always willing to lent it out. I also work at Terra Fresca and the University Center Coffee Bar, so come by and visit!
 Jenny Garcia -
My name is Jenny Garcia.  I am a fourth year Human Biology major and am affiliated with crown college.  I have been a part of the Pre-dental Society since the beginning of my second year.  These past few years have been a great experience shadowing multiple dentist, volunteering, and attending all the different events provided by dental schools.  My passion is to help those in need and dentistry is a great way of providing that opportunity.  In my spare, which I do not have anymore, I like participating in outdoor sports like soccer, hiking, and swimming.  A way I like to relief stress is through volunteering in the community and being involved in events for other to enough.  I enjoy being helpful, so if you see me around feel free to approach me!
 Outreach/Publicity Coordinator & Historian
Chelsea Director 
 Hello, my name is Chelsea Director, and I am 3rd year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology student. I serve as the Pre-Dental Society’s Historian and Publicity/Outreach Coordinator and I am currently one of the Career Center’s Pre-Health Peer advisors. I have participated and/or helped support such programs as VIDA, Global Medical Brigades, and Gap Medics. I have been passionate about Orthodontics ever since the 1st grade, when I began my personal orthodontic treatment, and have not stopped loving it since! My goal for my dental career is to one day serve as a certified dentist in countries that have poor health care. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come up to me and ask me about anything! I’m always here to help!
Shadowing Program Coordinator
John Sy
Hello, my name is John Sy. I am a fourth year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology major. I am a transfer student from Grossmont College in San Diego, CA. I am currently the Pre-Dental Society’s Shadowing Program Coordinator. I am also a peer mentor with the VETS on campus, and I am participating with the Global Medical Brigades. I am an eight-year Navy veteran that worked as a field Corpsman with the Marines. My goal is to return to the military and become a Navy dentist. I am looking forward to getting to know our PDS members. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.
 Volunteering Coordinator
Joseph Eusebio
Hello, my name is Joseph Eusebio. I am a third year Biology major affiliated with College Ten. I joined the Pre-Dental Society my freshman year and I am currently the Volunteer Coordinator. I volunteered as a chair side assistant at a Student-Run Free Clinic in San Diego during my first summer of college.  I also went to Asia this past summer on a humanitarian mission with the US Navy. These past experiences shaped my passion for dentistry because of the way it bridges the gap between people despite differences in society, culture, and language. I dream that one day, I'll be able to help contribute and serve those in need.

Katherine Ly -
Hello PDS, my name is Katherine Ly but you can call me Kathy. I am a fourth year Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Major, originally from San Jose, and I am also the Webmaster for PDS. I actually joined the Pre-Dental Society during my third year after contemplating what career path I wanted to follow for so long. Dentistry was always at the top of my list of careers because I loved going to the dentist where the people and the environment was welcoming and fun. My decision was  solidified once I had my first shadowing opportunity and it changed my life. Here I am now, getting ready to study for the DATs and apply for dental school this coming June. I would honestly be at a loss of how to proceed with my dreams without this club. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I'll help you as best as I can!